Jean Ann

My name is Jean Ann Gooch. I have 3 beautiful children, Arianna is [...]

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Alisha T.

Hi, My name is Alisha Temoney. I thank God for all He is [...]

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Karen T.

Hi, My name is Karen Tucker. I got saved on May 16th, 2007. [...]

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Hi, my name is Karen and I've been a Christian, living for God [...]

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Hi, My name is Joyce Wright. I didn't think anything was wrong in [...]

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My name is Tia Fleming. I give all Praise and Glory to my [...]

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Hi, my name is Mila Adams. I thank God for sending me to [...]

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Hi, my name is Sandra Mosley. I’ve been saved for 20 years. Before [...]

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The Anguita Family

My name is Emily Anguita. I got saved eighteen years ago on June [...]

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My name is Chantel Broeker and I so thank God for all He’s [...]

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