October 6, 2015 , I lost  one of my twin baby boys. Although his brother and I had our health, I still felt an emptiness. I felt numb , and depressed during this time. I was living with their father and we were going through several rough patches. I was not working and he had just been fired from his job. On top of dealing with our child’s death , we were unhappy with ourselves , and each other, and drifting apart. One night, everything came to a head, when we got into a physical fight. I was completely broken down, and tired. After the fight, I knew I needed to leave. I moved all of my stuff into my car and with the help from a friend stayed into a hotel for a few days. It was my last day in the hotel when I sat in my car and cried out to god. I let him know how is was feeling, what I was going through and I asked him to help me. I prayed for a sign, a solution, a way out. After a good cry, I went to McDonalds to get the kids some food and let them play while I tried to find a place to stay. There was another young lady in there with her kids too. She kept reaching out to talk to me, trying to break the ice. I didn’t want to talk at first. I had a black eye, and didn’t want it to be seen; but you cant hide from god. When you cry out to god, he hears you and is waiting for you to take a leap of faith. Finally I opened up to the young lady and started talking to her. After we talked and laughed for hours, she invited me to Victory Chapel. I slowly accepted deciding to take that leap of faith and allow god to help me and deal with me. Two, going on three years later, I’m so glad I did. I gave my life to Christ April 11th 2016. God is continuing to bless me and work miracles throughout my life! He has blessed me with a job, new car and  new place! He has surrounded me with a loving church family and opened and continues to open doors in my family. Psalms 147:3 says ” He healeth the broken heart , and bindeth up their wounds.” God has healed me and I’m glad that in looking for a home at a McDonalds one evening in spring, He has not only provided me with that , he gave me his home and made a home in my heart.