“A special thanks to Pastor Ron and Bridget Meyer, Pastor Jeremy and Tiffany Meyer, church staff and the Normandy congregation.  We would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Pastor Darren and Lorraine Walker, church staff and the Monument Landing congregation.
We recently had a revival with Evangelist Bob Burress here at Victory Chapel DeLand.  It was only with the help and investment of the img_2896Normandy and Monument Landing churches that we could have prepared and been ready for all that God was wanting to do.
Words cannot express our gratitude for all your prayers, support, financial help, leadership, labor, outreach teams, song service team, nursery workers, sound guys, ushers, friendships and the faithful saints that came to partner and link with us to see the lost won for Jesus. You are all a wonderful testimony and we so thank God to be apart of it! Words can not express how thankful we are and how much we appreciate each and every one of you.
God did some amazing things during the outreaches and revival services as we saw 12 people surrender their lives to Jesus Christ with a number of contacts as well that are very open to the gospel or looking for a church family.  We had visitors at every revival service and multiple people filled with the Holy Ghost as well as a woman who testified of a notable healing miracle in her body.
It is still such a privilege to do anything for God and we are so grateful and humbled to pioneer and pattern a church here in DeLand using the blueprint we have been given. It is such an exciting adventure and so awesome to see what God is building. God is doing great things, thank you Jesus!
Thank you once again for everything and the daily sacrifices you make every day to keep fighting the fight as because of your labors lives in DeLand Florida are being changed by the love and grace of God for all eternity. Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you.
With all our Love,
Pastor Rick, Brianne and Family
and the DeLand Congregation!”