Hello, my name is Dorian Chase. I am almost 21 years old. My parents were Pastors (now evangelists), so I was raised in church basically my whole life. I knew all the church lingo and all the “stories” of the bible, but I never applied them to my own life. I played the church game. I exposed myself to lust, which later turned to porn, at the young age of seven from my sisters’ naked Barbie doll. From then on, I began to look at porn on the computer, passing blockers, and deleting my history after I finished watching it. Now it is a lifelong battle to keep my mind and thoughts pure and undefiled. Being a pastor’s kid, people expected me to be this perfect kid. They would always think that since I am a preacher’s kid then I should be this perfect person that never made any mistakes. At least that is how they treated me. So, in my mind, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I chose to be rebellious. I was always starting arguments with my brother and sisters, even with people in the church. I would always backtalk my parents. I was always throwing attitudes without caring how it made people feel. I began to hate people to the point of isolation; but isolating myself only made things worse. I began hating myself. Depression began to seep its way in my life until the age of 12 when I contemplated on killing myself by putting a kitchen knife to my throat. My best friend was the only Christian kid example that I had, and from his influence and a revival with an evangelist, I gave my life to Jesus Christ on November 13, 2005. I was in my room crying my eyes out that night at my bedside, so my brother walked in and prayed with me right there at my bedside. From then on I have been different. Do I still have my short-comings? Of course I do. Am I still struggling to stay right? Yes, and I will for the rest of my life, but God began a work in me then and is still continuing that work to this day. To this day, I am still a virgin, I have never smoked or drunk, and I have never done drugs. It’s all because of God’s love, grace, and mercy.