My name is Ramey and in 2014 I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. I have grown up in church all my life and it came to a point where I was taking everything for granted. It took some humbling moments to take place for me to realize that I had lost what’s most important in life, a relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful that the Creator of the world loves and cares about me so much that He wants me to spend all of eternity with Him and invites me into having a personal relationship with Him. My Christian walk hasn’t been perfect but I know that without a shadow of a doubt God loves me so much that He sent his Son to die for me, even if I would have been the only person on this planet. The fulfillment, joy, peace and love that I feel everyday through having a relationship with Christ is hard to even put into words. If you don’t know Christ as your Savior, give Him a try and He will never let you down.