My name is Emily Anguita. I got saved eighteen years ago on June 6, 1995. I thank God for a church that believes in outreach. Before I got saved, I received flyers everywhere I went, or so it seemed. From the mall, to the bowling alley, to under my door in the barracks at the base, they were there. You couldn’t even go to the gym without receiving a flyer. On June 5th 1995 I was heading out to go clubbing and someone from the church stopped me to witness and he asked a simple question. “If you die tonight where will you spend eternity?” That question haunted me the whole night. At 4:48am I bowed my knee and invited Jesus Christ into my life to be my Lord and Savior. At that very hour I settled it. No one is worth going to hell for. I also promised that I would never look back again, because I had said this prayer so many times before. I thank God for Pastor Meyer and Bridget for having such patience and the love to deal with such a stubborn hard headed Puerto Rican as myself. I thank God for their unyielding love, their example, friendship and faithfulness. I was nineteen years old when I came into the church. I battled anger, rage, bitterness and pride. This was due to the number of hurts and violations in my life. I never wanted kids and I did not trust or care to submit to men. Pastor and Bridget took the chance and moved my husband and I into their home just two months after we got saved. During that time I learned just by watching what a real family was. By watching Bridget I learned what a godly wife and mother was suppose to be and it made me realize what a blessing a family is. Now I have two beautiful kids of my own (Alicia & Javier). I love my church and I thank God for the vision of our fellowship of world evangelism, for reaching the lost and the broken, for discipleship, raising up couples and sending them to the harvest field. I so thank God for the privilege that I can be part of it all.