Hi, My name is Joyce Wright. I didn’t think anything was wrong in my life and I was living it for me. I had a good job, had friends and even though I had anger and depression, I didn’t think I was any different than anyone else. I found out that everything I was thinking and was living for was just a way to hide the pain and shame I felt on the inside that no one could see. The anger was an outward expression of how I felt on the inside. The depression was my escape from reality. I was invited to church one Saturday by a lady who was outreaching in our area. My daughter and I attended church and from that day forward. May 14th, 2006, something incredible happened to me: an invitation to accept Jesus Christ. I received it and invited him into my heart, mind, and life. The anger I once had was immediately taken away, I didn’t think about things the same way, didn’t see them the same, depression no longer rode around with me in my purse, I was changed by the power of God! God continues to move in my life to this day.