FullSizeRenderMy name is Jean Ann Gooch. I have 3 beautiful children, Arianna is 15, Emilynn is 11, and Grayson is 2 months! I have been saved since December of 2007! Before then, I loved to drink alcohol and smoke pot. It interfered in every area of life and caused problems. I would often times choose to drink or smoke instead of spending time with my children, or my husband. In December of 2007, I was extremely depressed. I had moved from Wisconsin to Florida 6 months earlier, and had zero friends or family here, and had lost my father 2 months prior. My marriage was falling apart. I sat and cried regularly, and on December 3rd, I cried out to God, knowing that only He could help me. That evening, a man came out and invited my family and me to church, and I have never turned away since. My husband isn’t saved yet, but I know God will reach him too! My marriage gets better every day. We even got blessed this past year with a new addition, a son! God is so good, and deserves all the glory for all that I have!