amanda gHi, My name is Amanda Gnatek. I came into the church at the age of 9 and got saved a year later at the age of 10. I thank God that I got saved at such a young age so that I didn’t have to go through life searching for things to fill a void in me. That void was filled at 10. Instead, I grew up being involved in the things of God. Since my youth, I’ve had Christian values instilled in my life. Because of my decision, God has blessed me with opportunities to share his gospel. I have the privilege to serve Him and others in many different ministries. Even though I was raised in a single parent home, I have hope now to one day make that change and break the curse of doing things on my own. I thank God for bringing me to Victory Chapel and changing the way I live my life. I am truly blessed with great family, friends, and headship.