downloadfileMy name is Diondre. I came to Jacksonville on July 22, 2014. On November 8, 2014, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Before my conversion, I was bound in pornography, lust, and sexually immoral relationships with prostitutes. Eventually, out of guilt from lying to my parents and ex-girlfriend about what I was doing with my time here, I began drinking, hoping that alcohol would cover my shame. But after the hangovers, the guilt and shame would come back like boomerangs, leaving me in a deeper state of depression than before. After being in Christ for a year now, God has washed me clean and has given me a new life and purpose. No longer am I bound in perversion and walking in condemnation, but I have hope and faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I have the victory! I have become a faithful member of Victory Chapel Christian Fellowship Church. Now I am in pursuit of God’s will for my life and I know I’m called to preach the hope of salvation to a dark and dying world and lead people in the way of truth and righteousness by faith in the Son of God. My life is a testimony of the saving grace of God, and I want to share it with the world under the teaching of my Pastor Ron Meyer.