Hi, my name is Cody Perez and I got saved on November 23, 2006. I love this church. For me, it’s all I have ever really known. I had the awesome chance to grow up in this church and watch people come in to get saved and it gives me such a zeal to continue on. In 2007, my parents got launched out to go pastor a church in Caguas, Puerto Rico. We left September of that year. When we got there, it was very different because they spoke a different language and the culture was so different from what I was used to. It was a big adjustment but we still won people for Christ. Out of that, God helped me learn a second language, which is a blessing in itself because it has helped me build some of the friendships I have today. We ended up coming back to Jacksonville, Florida in September of 2009. When we got back, it was once again a really big adjustment trying to relearn some of my English while trying to keep my Spanish. Due to the variety of cultures in our church, I was able to do that. When we got back I got the chance to build new relationships with people that God added to the church and rekindle old ones. God has really spared me from a lot in this church and has helped me stay pure in his sight. Even though I have fallen at times, the people here always help through those times. My best friend, Jacob Leavitt, passed away in August 2015 there were so many people in this church to comfort me. I would try to make myself look strong and encourage others but I was slowly pushing myself away from everybody. I was excluding myself even though I was still involved in ministries, but someone noticed. They helped me get back on track without them even knowing that they were helping me. God is really the best thing that can happen to anyone and church is as good of a place as any to start.