calebwebMy name is Caleb and I have been saved since February 3, 2011. I was raised in our church and I have known about God since I was just a small child, but on that day I truly realized just how much I needed Jesus in my own heart. As I grew up in our church, I sometimes felt that, due to the fact that my parents were leaders in our church and Christians themselves, which meant I must be right with God too. Then I got a revelation that I had to have my own relationship with God. Since that day, I have lived my life to please Him. This does not mean that I am perfect – I still make mistakes; but I know that God has forgiven me and He is making me in His image. Recently, our family endured a time of intense pain and testing, as me and my brother were involved in a serious car accident this past year. My brother passed away that night, and our lives were changed forever. Yet, through all the pain and sorrow we experienced in this time, God never left us. There is no way that I personally could have gotten through the emotional loss and even the physical pain that came from the accident without God’s help and strength. He is our Rock through all of this and He used this church to help us through this difficult situation. The congregation at Victory Chapel gathered around us and allowed God to use them to assist us with anything that we needed. They truly are a family to all of us and I love them. I am so grateful to God for what He has already done, and even though I don’t have all the answers, I am trusting that His plans are better than anything I could ever imagine. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I plan on being in God’s will until the day I die. No matter where that takes me, I know that I can do all things through Him.