PART_1460203320958_20151220_123513My name is Joel Sterling, I am married to my wife Tashana. We have two kids, Jashana and Tiana. I rededicated my life to God in August of 2010. As a child, I grew up in church, but as I got older, I found myself stepping out into the world. During that time, I was in high school and I was doing whatever I wanted. I was smoking weed, drinking, and having sex with a new girl every other week. Then God used a girl, Natasha Youngblood, to get me back to Him, and I got saved in 1999. In 2002, I joined the military and shipped out in 2003. Then a struggle took place in my life: living a life for God or just living for the world. It was until I met Maurice, who God used to bring me back. On that day, August 22nd, 2010, I rededicated my life. I thank God for the people He used. I thank God for not giving up on me. I thank God for My wife who gave me an ultimatum to get right or she is leaving. I thank God for my kids who remind me every day how good God has been to me. I thank God for Victory Chapel, my church home.