PART_1460083251542_2015122395105526Hi, My name is Charlie Sanchez, we are the Sanchez Family (Charlie, Arianette, Angel, Alicia, and Xiomara). My wife and I have been saved for 12 years and married for 14 years. We thank God for our salvation and all He has done for our family up to this point and what we believe he will do in the years to come. Before we got saved we used to live for ourselves but, like everything this world has to offer, it sucked the life out of us, to the point of almost losing our marriage and family. We thank God for the vision of the Victory Chapel Christian fellowship ministries to send our Pastor to Jacksonville, Florida to reach our city and state. The love of God and the privilege to be a part of this church because it has given me the opportunity to have a part of in them they are able to love people and reach them when this world has used and abuse them, and help people like my wife and me to recover, believe in ourselves again, be reconciled to the God who created us through the sacrifice of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and have the same vision to reach a lost generation just like us. I have had the plan of salvation that God has for this world by being a part of the Arena, a place where we do concerts, plays, family events, etc… not only me but my family as well. I have seen many people make the most important decision of their lives, which is to give their lives over to Jesus and accept Him as Lord. Then, after that, to see the church come together under the wonderful leadership of Pastor Ron Meyer and Pastor Jeremy Meyer to help those same wonderful new people get to know their God and get the necessary knowledge and tools they need to live a successful Christian life!!! In the process of that, they also help the core of the church maintain a fresh vision and relationship with our Savior Jesus through the uncut and unwavering Word of God via Sunday Schools, wonderful church services, and seminars to help develop and mature our Christian lives. We look forward to what God has in stored for us and our church!!!