whiteHi, My name is James White. I gave my life to Christ on October 31st, 1995 at the Appointment Play at the Arena. I thank God first for my salvation. I sought happiness in the things of the world, which left me drunk, empty, and wondering what was going to become of my life. Six months after coming to Jacksonville, I got saved at that play. Secondly, I thank God for Victory Chapel. God brought me to a church family of people who genuinely wanted to build a relationship with me, wanted to see God use my life, and showed me how to really live a life pleasing to God. I also thank God for my Pastor. When I first met Pastor Meyer I was surprised that he really wanted to know who I was. I’m glad that I have a Pastor who will stand on God’s word and is not be afraid to preach the truth even when I myself am wavering from God’s standards. I am proud that he oversaw my dating relationship and performed the wedding ceremony for my wife and I as well.