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///Chris & Rachel

Chris & Rachel

PART_1460136923581_FullSizeRenderMy name is Chris Gadsden. I gave my life to Christ in June of 2008. Before I got saved, I was bound by fornication, pornography, drugs, alcohol, and chasing things of this world to find happiness. I got caught up in the street life and the thug image that this world portrays. I put up fronts to make it seem like everything was good, but deep down inside I was hurting, depressed, and searching for answers. In 2007, two guys from Victory Chapel were outreaching in my neighborhood. I ended up saying a sinner’s prayer but I didn’t change because I didn’t want to let go of my sin. But during my senior year of high school, I got expelled from all Duval County Public Schools for having a firearm on school grounds. Then, I found myself constantly getting incarcerated until I came to a point of desperation. In June of 2008, one night in my bedroom, I cried out to God and genuinely accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. Now, it’s almost three years later and I still don’t smoke or drink. I’m totally delivered from perversion and pornography. I gave up sinful habits and I don’t pursue vain things anymore. I am no longer depressed but I have the joy of the Lord now and I give God all the glory. I did not immediately attend Victory Chapel, but after my brother got out of jail and got saved at an Arena concert, he invited me out to this church. I soon realized that this was the same church that reached out to me earlier. I started to meet people and they were your regular, everyday people. They were extremely friendly and willing to help. I was captured because people were actually genuine about serving God and I loved how they had so many events to reach out and see people get saved. I began to get involved in the things of God and started to learn and grow tremendously. I thank God for my salvation, Victory Chapel, and the people that God uses. I also thank Pastor Wayman Mitchell and Joe Campbell for all of their sacrifices and how they fought battles that pioneered the path that many of us follow today. Last but certainly not least, I thank God for Pastor Ron Meyer, who is a passionate man of God that truly cares for people. I am so grateful for the privilege to have a Pastor that not only allows you to see how he lives, but also builds a relationship with you and helps you on a personal level. If you have not given your life to Christ, I encourage you to do so and give Him your all. Through Christ you can have eternal life in Heaven and a new life on Earth. Please do it before it’s too late.

I am Rachel Gadsden. I have been saved for 2 years and 8 months. Before Jesus came into my life, I was searching for success in my life and someone who would love me forever. I joined the Navy out of high school, thinking it would be a quick way to success. Shortly afterwards, someone came and witnessed the love of Jesus Christ to me. I gave my life to Jesus Christ on April 4th, 2011 in a Sunday morning service. Being in relationship with Jesus Christ has been the biggest success I’ve ever made. Now I have the assurance of salvation if I stay in love with my Savior. This journey has not been the easiest thing I’ve done, but at the end of the day it is worth it because I have a relationship with my Savior and that will never fade away. I am thankful to God for giving His Son as a ransom for my sins. If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, I encourage you to surrender yourself to the One who loves you the most.

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