Hi, My name is Aaron Tobler. I became saved and born again in January 17th, 1999. Drugs and alcohol had over taken me. After nineteen years of marriage, I was going to walk out on my wife and five children. So I told my wife that I really needed to go to church and that maybe God could help us because our marriage was done. We had nothing else to lose. We ended up going to church at Victory Chapel and getting saved. I thank God for the people at Victory Chapel because they helped me and my wife to live for God. I thank God for my Pastor, Ron Meyer and his wife Bridget. They are wonderful people and very real individuals. They love God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Victory Chapel is a full gospel, bible preaching church that follows the word of God and not of man. I’ve been able to stay saved because of the strong foundation this church is built on as well of the leadership of Pastor Meyer and his family as examples. If you are looking for a church that will help you live for God, this is the place to be. There are really down to earth people who have been through some things and can relate to where you are coming from. I am an ex-drug dealer, drug user, alcohol drinker, and cigarette smoker. God can deliver you from anything that addicts and holds you captive.