PART_1459821401689_PicsArt9504-04-07.23.11My name is Rachel Brannon and my husband and I rededicated our lives to God on February of 2010. My marriage was in serious trouble because I found out that my husband had a secret pornography addiction. When it was exposed our marriage began to fall apart, my husband said that he would work on stopping, but I would continue to find it and nothing was getting better. We were on the verge of divorce when we started coming to church. We came as a last ditch effort to find out if God could fix our marriage or if we needed to call it quits. We have three children, Josiah, Simeon, and Hadassah. At that same time our second child Simeon was diagnosed with autism. We were spiritually, physically, and emotionally drained with our marriage and the situation with Simeon’s autism. We started attending church. Tim responded to an altar call during a revival service. He went up to admit that he had an addiction before for God, and to repent from it. He was instantly delivered from pornography and started to immediately grow in his walk with God. I on the other hand, was still bound in bitterness while my husband became an on fire Christian. Within a week, I got on my knees at home and cried out to God, and realized that I needed God and needed to be healed from bitterness in order to save our marriage. God has since restored our marriage. This year we have been married for nine years, and our marriage is stronger than ever been before. I have totally been delivered from anger and bitterness. I definitely believe that God can restore your marriage and bring you back to a place where your marriage can work. Our son Simeon was not speaking when we began to come to church. We began praying and fasting and saw signs of speech as well as changes in his behavior, he has come off all his medications. He speaks so much more, his communication has risen tremendously, and we believe that Jesus Christ will totally heal him of autism.