IMG_20160417_120821426_HDR Hi, My name is Amy Wibe. I joined the navy and was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida. I found myself living a life I never wanted to even be a part of. My lifestyle involved men, alcohol, and parties. I knew I wanted to stop the way I was living but it felt like I couldn’t. One evening in my barracks room, I cried out to God for a church. A week later, someone from Victory Chapel told me about Jesus and explained salvation to me. Later, I found out, it was the base ministry group from the church. I gave my life to Jesus that night, February 5th, 2004. From that night on, I began to serve God. People at the church welcomed me life family. They had me over to their homes over and over. The love of the church body was key to me make it for Jesus. My name is Bryan. In 2005, I joined the military in pursuit of God’s will for my life. I had gotten saved at the age of 14 and I knew God wanted to use me but I didn’t know where that would lead. After months in the military, I found myself seemingly alone, and I told God, “I need some good godly relationships.” Four hours later, there was a knock on my barracks room door. It was then that God introduced me to those that would become some of my closest friends. They invited me out to a cookout in the barracks court yard and to the church the next day. This was a true answer to my prayers. Amy and I met in our church. We had the privilege of dating in the church and with guidance of godly standards. This helped us keep our relationship pure and focused on God. We then had the opportunity to get married in the middle of a church service. We shared our testimonies and had the chance to see our families witness a true Jesus people wedding. A year later we decided to have a baby. Our first son was born on Christmas day and he passed away that day as well. Pastor Meyer and his family, as well as our friends from the church were there in the hospital to support us. They showed true Christian love to us, and we owe them so much for helping us trust God through the situation of losing our son, but at the same time Jesus received him. We thank God for Pastor Meyer. He has been an amazing testimony to us as both a Christian and a pastor. We have never found a man that cares about people as much as he has demonstrated. Pastor Meyer’s heart and vision to fulfill God’s calling to go into the entire world and make disciples has challenged us to grow closer to God and pursue God’s righteousness so that his light through our testimonies can shine to a dark world. It is for this reason that we have answered the call of God to step into the ministry.