mcdonald_rHi, My name is Anna McDonald and I had accepted Christ in my life on October 23rd, 1977, which followed with a Believer’s Baptism in a Baptist church in Southside. Before my salvation, I was bound by self-condemnation, deceitfulness, immoral thinking, and lying. I had even aborted a child. Eventually, my walk with God fell by the wayside when I married my husband and we started traveling the world on his military orders. Many years had passed when my son, Nate, had been invited out to Victory Chapel by the Outreach Ministry where he received Jesus Christ as his Savior and was baptized. It was at his baptism that I was invited to attend church and I rededicated my life to Jesus on August 15th, 2010. Since then, God has blessed me with purpose, joy in my heart, and with a desire to learn everything I can so that my walk with Him is held secure with a firm foundation. He purposely waited until my husband arrived home before he baptized me with the Holy Spirit in a Sunday morning worship service (though I received a laying on of hands by a visiting evangelist the week before) so that I could witness to him about what had just happened. God is so perfect in his timing. I thank God that he has aligned me with a church that stands on and practices the Bible in its whole entirety as well as a Drama Ministry that can utilize my God-given talents to their maximum potential to give all the glory to God. I cannot even begin to perceive what He has in store for me next but I look forward to it with eagerness and much patience because I honor God’s great patience with waiting on me all those years.