IMG_20160306_094844037Hi, my name is Mike and this is my wife, Julie. Before we got saved, we were involved in fighting, drinking, and making and selling drugs. We also slept around. I am from Oregon, and Julie is from North Carolina. I came to Jacksonville through the Navy. Julie came to Jacksonville to visit family. Both of us were invited to Victory Chapel. I was invited to a Christmas dinner. Julie was invited to a concert. We both got saved and God began to do miracles in our lives. He saved us from alcohol addiction and drug abuse. God gave us friends and family at Victory Chapel. It’s awesome to be saved. We dated in our church, we never kissed, we didn’t have to test drive the car before we got married. Our wedding was pure and God blessed that. Thank God for our church and dating standards. We thank our Pastor and his wife for preaching the truth of God’s Word and being great testimonies.