My name is Christopher Barley. I got saved at the age of 16 and was set free from rebellion, drug and alcohol addictions, sexual immorality, and violence. I had been in and out of jail and using drugs since the age of 13. A friend of mine got saved at Victory Chapel and shared the gospel with me. They invited me to Victory Chapel and when I finally said yes, my life became radically different. I had never seen people actually doing what the Bible says. I had been to church before, but this was different. Like a lot of people, I started out with good intentions, but slowly I began to compromise my Christianity. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was backslidden. I went right back to a life of sin, convincing myself I had my whole life ahead of me. It didn’t take long for me to find myself bound in selling and using drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality, and spiraling down faster and faster. In this time, I almost died multiple times. I got deeper and deeper into sin and finally found myself in a multi-million dollar drug conspiracy, facing 10 to life in a federal prison. I began to think about God again. It’s interesting how hard times will do that to a person. After three days in jail, I finally repented of my sins and asked God to come back into my life. I gave him Lordship of my life, surrendering what seemed to be nothing of a life, to Jesus. That was November 20, 2002. I became born again and was released from prison in March 2005. I began to go through a divorce after being released and I knew God was calling me back to a place where I could grow in Christ and not waste my life away any longer. I called my good friend Jerry, who, after 7 years, still remembered exactly who I was, even though I was only a teen in the church previously. I started attending church and giving myself to the work of God, discipleship, and trying to help others not fall for the same lies of the devil that I had fallen for. Now almost 5 years have gone by and I have built relationships with people in my church and they are truly my family. Everyone accepted me right away and extended hands to help me with anything I needed. I learned how to handle hard times that included addictions, mind battles, lust and perversion. The example of men and women living and working out their salvation speaks volumes of the presence of God in this church. I have never in my life seen this in a church, and have now seen this across the U.S. in our fellowship churches, the expression of love Jesus has to a lost and dying world. I am now happily married, and, having dated and conducted ourselves according to the Word of God, and we have a blessed marriage. Our first kiss was on our wedding day and our relationship is built on trust and is focused on Jesus. God has restored relationships that were broken by sin in my family, and I have seen both my mother and father become saved and born again. My life is used in volumes that blow my mind and will last an eternity. It is good to find the Bible in the church, but it’s another to find your church in the Bible. My name is Nairobys Barley. I was born and raised in Venezuela and came to the U.S. in 2004. I was raised in a Catholic home and taught right from wrong. In my own eyes I was a good person. I never did drugs, I didn’t sleep around like other people, and I didn’t drink much. Even with this, my life was missing something. I felt lonely, depressed, and was watching my life fall apart. I started thinking about going to a church and a couple weeks later, someone from Victory Chapel came and knocked on my door. They began to share the love of God with me and showed me how Jesus wanted a relationship with me. They asked me to come to church and I accepted Jesus in my heart. There were some areas in my life that I was, at the time, unwilling to change and my salvation was shortly lived out. I could not deny that there was something different about the Christians at Victory Chapel. My life began to get worse and worse. I looked for happiness in relationships, material items, and even moving back to Venezuela. I found myself in Jacksonville, Florida not long after that. I was doing okay for myself in the world’s eyes, but something was still missing. I knew I was running from God, so I began to try out all kinds of churches. But when I was ready to get serious about God, I knew where there were some people who really cared about me and would help me live for God. I went back to Victory Chapel in December of 2006 and rededicated my life to God. Since then I found my place in the Body of Christ. Pastor Meyer and Mrs. Bridget, along with a lot of people at Victory Chapel, have taught me what it really means to be a Christian, as well as a financial steward. I have been taught by the Word of God how to be a godly woman, wife, and friend. Since then, I have gotten married and I am learning how to have a successful, God centered marriage. We have based our marriage on the Word of God and the multitude of good examples at our church. I have been involved in ministries of all types, from building projects to helping and serving others who have come in to the church. What has helped me more than anything is seeing and being a part of a church on fire for a living God, not some dead dry religion.