Hi, My name is Jerry Heppner. I found myself in the middle of a kitchen late one night with a revolver pointed to my head, ready to take my life. I met with a living God that night. The next day was Sunday, which was July 15th, 1991. I stepped foot into Victory Chapel, where I went to an altar to give my life to Christ. Pastor Meyer and Bridget had been praying for me for almost 8 months prior to that. I thank God for the support and encouragement they extended to me during this time. I was going through a divorce and found myself being a single father. They encouraged me to live for God and trust in Him, despite the circumstances. While at Victory Chapel, I had biblical standards that were imparted into my life, and I grew closer to the Lord. Several years later, as I kept my focus on serving Christ, He blessed me with a wife, and we are no serving God together with our three sons. We thank the ministry of Victory Chapel Christian Fellowship, and Pastor Meyer and his family for their commitment and sacrifice in allowing their lives to be used by Christ. My name is Yvonne Heppner. I grew up in a Christian home and came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in my teen years. I came to Victory Chapel in 1993, separated from my husband, who was a backslidden Christian. I had no other family here in Jacksonville and was truly seeking God to restore my marriage. Pastor Meyer and his wife Bridget, along with some other ladies in the church, extended their love and friendship. They really helped me to keep my focus on the Lord at a time when I was questioning God as to “why”, and times when I felt like giving up. They became my family away from home and I’m truly thankful for their prayers and support. Unfortunately, the marriage ended up in divorce. During this time of hardship my relationship with the Lord grew stronger. He has used this trial in my life to encourage other faced with similar circumstances. The Lord has since blessed me with a godly husband, Jerry Heppner, and we are serving the Lord together here at Victory Chapel, along with our three sons, Zach, Seth, and Eli. We are true believers that God does answer prayer. He has helped us to forgive as He has forgiven us. The prayers for my ex-husband were definitely not in vain. He gave his life to Christ 2 years prior to his passing away in 2007 due to illness. He sent a message through his sister asking forgiveness for what he had done. Thank-you Pastor Meyer and Bridget for your obedience to the call of Christ, and for allowing yourselves to be used by Him at a crucial crossroad in my life. I thank God for you!