Hi, My name is Trevor Meyer. I moved here with my family in 1989 to start this church. We left Arizona and headed toward the east coast to see what God would have us do. It’s been 25 years since then and God has been doing great things in the lives of people here in Jacksonville. I’ve had the privilege of growing up in church and getting saved at a young age. God has truly spared me from a world full of heartache because of sin. We have seen so many lives and families come into this church broken and looking for answers in life, and how awesome it has been to point them to the saving grace of Jesus. This is how I met my wife, she came to church at 16 years old, and she too found the love of Jesus. We dated here in the church for 5 years, and then on July 13th, 2008, we got married. We have a 3 year old son named Levi, and we are so grateful for the family God has blessed us with. Sometimes I wonder if our family hadn’t come to Jacksonville, how much different life would be. Because of the faithfulness of my parents to go where God led them my wife and I were brought together, as well as so many marriages in the church. It is such a privilege to be a part of what God is doing in this church and here in our city. I am a part of our worship team and I play drums in a rock band, and dance along with my wife in a choreography team. We also open our home for Bible studies and make a comfortable environment to help new people with any questions, and help them build new relationships. Our church is just a picture of what God is doing here in our city, but it is our church and it is a great church, and we count ourselves lucky to be a part of this congregation and family.