Hi, My Name is Eric Rasmussen. The Lord brought me to Victory Chapel in 1995 via the US Navy. My life was so incredibly changed by what God was doing here that, when I got out of the military two years later, I chose to stay here in Jacksonville so I could serve God at this church. My future wife, Lora, came into the church about a year after I did. She also experienced a life-changing transformation, and about a year and a half later the Lord began to cultivate a friendship between us. Things progressed and we got married, and the Lord has given us two wonderful children, Jordan and Justin. It has been a great privilege for us to have invested the past 18 years of our lives into the many relationships we have and also to have served in a number of the various ministries at Victory Chapel. Jesus Christ has begun a great work in us but we feel there is much more to accomplish in the future. We are looking forward to what God will do through us with this church and expect to see more examples of His great power at work in our lives.