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Chandler & Gwen

PART_1459733105159_IMAG1684My name is Chandler English. As I was growing up, I was raised in a broken home where my mother raised three kids on her own. Without a father in my life, I was looking for acceptance from the world. I started going out to clubs and parties constantly. I was drinking alcohol at a young age, as well as chasing women from left to right so I could try and satisfy the desires of my flesh. I was completely wrapped up in sin by living the ways of the world. But one day, I came to a revival service and heard the gospel being preached. The Holy Spirit was calling me, and I’m here to tell you that I answered that call on April 13th, 2011. I was immediately set free from sex, alcohol, and even stopped chasing the worldly desires that I thought once pleased me. Ever since, I’ve been saved and born again. God has given me a joy deep down inside of my heart. In my darkest hour, He shined his light there in its place. When I was lost in the world, He found me. I thank God for His grace, mercy, and love that changed my heart and my lifestyle. I’m not just some part of a religion but I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! If you don’t know Him or have a personal relationship with Jesus, I challenge you to give him a try! You can’t go wrong with Jesus. He’s the only way!

Hi, my name is Gwendalyn Bailey. I gave my life to Jesus Christ on Nov 20, 2011. Before I was saved, I grew up in church, as a Pastor’s kid. I went to church every Sunday and Wednesday and was involved in different types of ministries, but I never knew what it meant to have a true relationship with God. It was just a routine that I kept on living and never grasped the reason why I was doing what I was doing. When I turned 19, I decided to enlist in the Air Force to travel the world and experience different things and to be successful. Once I came into the military, I got involved in a very unhealthy relationship. Once that ended, I had no respect for myself and lost total control. My life was going downhill so fast I didn’t even know it. I started getting into the party scene, went to the clubs every weekend, drank alcohol with no limitations, and started sleeping with men to fulfill my fleshly desires. In a way it felt like a way to escape reality and to numb the pain, guilt, and bitterness I held inside. These things might’ve pleasured me for a little bit, but I went to bed every night feeling guilt, shame, and regret and I felt like there was no way out. There was times I felt like I was truly dead to myself. There were days I would look in the mirror and see a totally different person and ask myself, ‘Is this it?’ Before I knew it, I had hit rock bottom. I had dug a hole so deep I didn’t think I could dig my way out. One night, I remember crying on my bedroom floor at the barracks on base praying for God to save me and to help me out of the mess that I put myself into. Then one day a friend had invited me out to Victory Chapel in Fort Walton Beach, FL and that’s when I gave my life to Jesus Christ! God has delivered me from alcohol, sexual immorality, guilt, shame, and has helped me forgive those who have wronged me. Today, I am a totally different person. I’m happier, I have an everlasting joy that can only come from Jesus Christ Himself and what He did for me on the cross. That day, I felt God’s love touch me more than it ever has in my whole life. His love is so amazing, you just want more and more of it until you’re overflowing with it! Everything that I ended up going through turned out to be a blessing because through everything, it has shown me God’s unconditional love and He also opened the doors for me to get out of the military early and move here to Jacksonville Florida. I have found a true and intimate relationship with God and I hope you will give Him a chance. Because I promise He won’t let you down!

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