Hi, my name is Max Avelar. I thank God for Victory Chapel, a church that reached out to the rebellious backslider that I was. I grew up knowing about the Gospel, but there is a big difference in knowing and doing. I was born in Honduras, Central America, but I was raised in New Jersey. I used to live right across the river from New York City. When I was 15 yrs old I backslid, I turned my back on God. I began to get in the party scene, looking for the nightlife, just trying to fit in and trying to be somebody. I tried to be so many things for so many people, that at the end of the day I didn’t even know who I really was. I was frustrated at life, rebellious towards my parents. I even began to have suicidal thoughts. I was looking for a way of escape, I wanted to get out of what my life was becoming. When I was 18, I joined the Navy. At the end of boot camp and basic training I got stationed in NAS Cecil Field, right here in Jacksonville, Fl. While at this location, a friend of mine invited me out to a church service at Victory Chapel. It was church like I’ve never experienced before. It was genuine. When I heard the preaching by Pastor Meyer, it was like he was talking right to me. I was too proud to give my life to Jesus during the service, I told myself that I needed more time. Thank God that He didn’t leave me to myself. That night at my barracks room, I could not shake the powerful words that I heard earlier that day. I got honest with God, and knelt next to my bed and gave my life to Jesus Christ. That was October 5th, 1997. I’ve been living for Jesus since that day. I’m very grateful that God placed me in Victory Chapel and put Pastor Meyer as my Pastor. Today, I’m married. My wife Lindsey and I have twin daughters, Madalynn and Maelynn. We are involved in the Bilingual ministry as well as the Video, Tent and Stage, Sunday School ministries. It’s a privilege to be saved, in our right mind and serving Jesus here in Victory Chapel. Thank you.