IMG_20160406_225957493My name is Bryan Carrejo. I got saved on August 23, 2007 at Victory Chapel. Before I got saved I was a very depressed, lonely person. I came from a broken family. My parents were divorced, and my family was split in two. I became a rebellious kid and went out and started drinking, doing drugs, and getting in trouble with the law. I started to hate the person I had become so I tried to change myself by joining the military. Everything seemed good at first, but eventually I went back to the same old habits. I started clubbing and partying real hard. I found myself deeply depressed and it started to affect me at my job. My life was falling apart, and then one night when I was coming back from the club, I got into a car wreck. I nearly died. We hit the back of a semi at 80 mph. Shortly after, I started wondering what would have happened to me if I had died. I started praying and asked God to show me who Jesus was and why my life ended up this way. Amazingly, as I left my room I ran into a Christian from Victory Chapel. He told me that my problem was sin and that I needed Jesus Christ to save my soul. He told me that He was the only way. That night I gave my life to Christ and He changed my life. My problems were still there, but on the inside I was different. I no longer wanted to drink, smoke, or party. I just wanted to tell people about how God could save them from their sin. I wanted to go to church and learn of Him. I was no longer depressed and I wasn’t alone anymore. I had a heart filled with God. The church helped me tremendously. They showed me how to live for God, how to care for others, and how to be strong in my faith. They really cared for me and helped me live for God. Over the years, I learned to take in that passion and began to help others. Through the church, I met my wife who I love very much, Shemeaka Carrejo. I thank my pastor for his guidance and direction, and for helping me to become a stronger man. I really thank God for using this man to build this church that reached out to those in need of a savior. I also thank Pastor Ron Meyer and his family for the sacrifice they made to see people come to know Jesus. I thank God for Victory Chapel.


My name is Shemeaka Carrejo and I have been a Christian since February 2001. As a child, I grew up going to church off and on, and hearing the Word of God on summer trips with my grandmother. However, by the time I was 13 I thought the church was just for people who said they were one way, but really were the exact opposite. I stopped going to church and adopted my own idea of what I thought God was like. I figured that as long as I didn’t hurt anyone, and was a good person, I would end up in heaven. I became very morale and self righteous. My heart was filled with anger, depression, loneliness and anxiety. As I grew older, things only got worse. I was disrespectful to my parents, verbally abusive to my younger sisters, violent, and I hated my life. I tried to clean up all the dirt in my life by my own good deeds. I got great grades in school, a college scholarship, never drank, smoke, and never even kissed a guy. However, I would go to parties and watch my friends get drunk, high, and throw up in trash cans. I remember sitting at a party one night and thinking about how people were telling me I had my life together, but I knew on the inside I was broken apart and it was at that point that I felt more alone than ever. In my junior year of high school at 17, I began to watch a genuine Christian live for Jesus. It was way more than the religion I had experienced before. The joy, peace, and hope that this person had shook my self-righteousness. I desperately wanted what he had. That February, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and it has never been the same. I no longer struggle with those things that held me in darkness for so long. Now I realize that it was never by my own doing, but only Jesus could rescue me. Jesus has totally set me free from depression, anger, loneliness, and set me free from myself. He has mended my relationship with my parents, and my sisters have come to know Jesus today. God has planted me in a wonderful church, Victory Chapel, a fellowship that I have been a part of almost as long as I have been saved. Here, I met and married my wonderful husband, Bryan Carrejo. I look forward to the many wonderful things that Jesus is going to do with our lives and this congregation in the future!