20160214_124550Hi, My name is Myron. My wife Jenny and I both received Jesus Christ as our Savior in our teen years, before we met each other or even attended church services at Victory Chapel. Both of us lacked a solid foundation in Christ and godly direction for our lives. Through the outreach ministries of Victory Chapel, we began coming to church here; I in January of 1992 and Jenny in April 1992. Through the years, God has used the leadership, preaching, teaching, and ministries of this church to lay the rock solid foundation that we were desperately lacking in our lives. He has also given my wife and me direction and a purpose in life that we live out each day. One way that we live out this purpose is through the various ministries that we have been a part of over the years. We are grateful to the Lord, not only for this church, but also for the fellowship of churches that we are a part of. The fire, zeal, and solid, Bible-based teachings that we have received has challenged us to keep our faith in Christ alive and our love for Him vibrant and fresh. We are also blessed to be able to raise our two sons, Caleb and Jacob, up in the ways of the Lord here at Victory Chapel. Through the children’s and teen ministries available, it is always encouraging to see our children love Christ at a young age and desire to serve Him, not because Dad and Mom do, but willingly from their own hearts. We could write volumes on what the Lord has done for us since saving our souls in 1992, but our hope here is that people may gain a glimpse of how God has used this fellowship church in the lives of believers through the years. Should Jesus tarry, we look forward to many more years!