kleiberHi, My name is Rick Kleiber. I gave my life to Jesus Christ on April 26th, 2000. Before I got saved I was bound by sexual immorality, drugs and alcohol. I constantly put up fronts and acted a certain way to gain the acceptance of others, not really knowing who I was. I formed a mindset where I thought all I needed to be happy was sex, alcohol and money. Even thought I had all these things, I was more lonely and miserable than ever. The consequences of my sin caught up with me. I got in a fight and got hit in the head with a bottle, I started throwing up blood from drinking so much, and one night on my bedroom floor, after almost overdosing on drugs, I got beside my bed and cried out to God to save me and help me find a good church and good friends. In the midst of my sin and brokenness Jesus heard my cry. The next day someone from Victory Chapel walked up to me on the street and said that God had spoken to then to witness to me. I went out to church that Wednesday and sealed my decision at an altar. My life hasn’t been the same since. God set me free and fitly framed me in an awesome church with an awesome church family. I met my wife, Brianne, at the church and we now have four kids, Jayrell, Elleanna, Landon, and Jake. We have a desire to grow in our Christianity and bring many souls to know Jesus. I just want to thank God for this church and for Pastor Meyer and Bridget and Pastor Jeremy and Tiffany’s investments into our lives.